New York DWI / DWAI / DUI With Commercial Drivers License (CDL).

Compared to other drivers, every driver holding a Commercial Driver License (Class A, B, or C) is held to stricter Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) standards, and faces tougher penalties, while operating a vehicle that requires a CDL license.

The attorneys with New York DUI understand that a conviction on a DWI / DWAI or DUI with a CDL can have devastating effects on your career and family.

We will employ all of our considerable knowledge, experience and skill to get the best possible result for you in this trying and stressful time.

A single conviction for DWI, DWAI, DUI or having a .04 percent or higher BAC requires a minimum 1-year revocation of the driver’s license (3 years, if driving a vehicle that requires hazardous materials placards).

A second conviction within the driver’s lifetime results in permanent revocation, with a possible waiver after 10 years.

A third conviction results in a permanent revocation without any possibility of ever getting it back. Drivers who hold a commercial license should review the Commercial Driver’s Manual (CDL-10), available at motor vehicle offices, for additional information about penalties that apply to them.

If you have a CDL, all it can take is one beer – and your career can be ruined.

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