Carl Spector, New York Lawyer was awarded a Clients’ Choice Award by AVVO for 2015. Mr. Spector was recognized for his commitment to outstanding service in the field of DWI, DUI and Criminal Defense work in New York and New Jersey. The award is based upon actual client feedback and reviews that are publicly posted on the website AVVO. Mr. Spector works closely with all of his clients, educating them and advocating for them. This award exemplifies Mr. Spector’s commitment to his clients.


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If you or a loved one was arrested in New York City recently for a DWI or DUI you should speak to an experienced DWI/DUI attorney.
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Honest, Forthright Attorney with Extensive Knowledge of the Law and Criminal Justice System

Carl provided excellent legal representation for my husband, who was arrested on his first DUI charge early Sunday morning. Carl was great from the start. He answered my frantic phone call at 5AM, listened to my concerns and agreed to represent my husband at his arraignment. Carl was forthright and explained to me the entire process – where my husband was, what was going to happen to him, what I should expect at his arraignment and advised that it was going to be a long wait for him to be processed. Carl then continuously followed up with the Court and provided status updates to me every few hours so that I was informed. At the end of the day, Carl was able to secure a plea for my husband that resulted in just a traffic infraction as opposed to a misdemeanor. Carl was able to obtain a stay of suspension of my husband’s driver’s license so that he could continue driving for work while he waited for a conditional license. As a fellow attorney, I can attest to Carl’s knowledge of the law and legal system and I would recommend him without hesitation.



What to expect at the first appearance to the DMV Chemical Test Refusal Hearing.

At your first appearance to the DMV, the refusal hearing may take place if the arresting officer appears for the hearing. If the officer does not appear at the DMV then as long as the motorist does not have any other suspensions, the administrative law judge will reinstate the motorist’s driving privileges on the spot. If the police officer does appear at the DMV the hearing will take place and you run the risk of losing your right to drive in New York as a result. If the police officer does appear you may ask for a postponement of the hearing. If the judge grants the postponement the judge will continue your suspension until the results of a hearing that will be held several months later.

Does the motorist need an attorney at the hearing?

It is highly recommended that you have your own attorney at the refusal hearing. There are many rules and regulations that an experienced attorney can explain to the motorist and can be a great benefit to the motorist.

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The Cake Boss Leaves Court With His Attorney Carl Spector After his Arrest for DWI in New York City


Carl Spector New York DWI Attorney Leaving Manhattan Criminal Court with his client Bartolo Valastro, Buddy, the Cake Boss.


I have found that over the course of my practice of law in New York since 1986 that DMV Chemical Test Refusal Hearings are an area that is very misunderstood by the general public. That said there is a logical way to prepare and defend these matters.
First, contact an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible if you are facing a Chemical Test Refusal Hearing. The preparation for the hearing should begin immediately. The refusal hearing will be scheduled by the criminal court at your arraignment or first court appearance. The refusal hearing will be scheduled within a couple of weeks or less from your first court appearance.
Second, make sure that you detail all of the facts so that your attorney is aware of any documents or additional witnesses that should be spoken to and perhaps called to appear at the refusal hearing.
The attorney should also discuss with you your role at the refusal hearing and what if anything you would testify to at the DMV refusal hearing.
Many times the first appearance at the New York DMV refusal hearing will not resolve your case if the police officer is not present. In that case you may be eligible for reinstatement of your driving privileges.
A second hearing date will be scheduled through the mail some months later.
I will discuss the other issues with the second visit to the DMV on a later post.

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Carl Spector, New York Attorney has been selected Top 100 Trial Lawyers in Criminal Defense by The National Trial Lawyers.

Carl Spector, Attorney at Law, licensed to practice law in New York and New Jersey.  Carl Spector has been admitted to practice law in New York since 1987 and in New Jersey since 1986.

From 1986 through 1992 Carl Spector was an Assistant District Attorney in Bronx County, New York prosecuting thousands of criminal cases.

In 1992 Carl Spector opened up his own law practice and has been defending cases in all the New York City Criminal Courts and through out New Jersey.

Carl Spector was a Municipal Prosecutor in Fair Lawn, New Jersey in 2009, 2010 and 2011.

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